Don’t Get “Grinched” Dec23


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Don’t Get “Grinched”

Don’t Get “Grinched”

Apparently, there are some people who will just walk up to someone’s front porch and steal their packages. I guess nothing should surprise me anymore, but I still have to shake my head and wonder about people. On a news story the other day, it was reported some homeowner’s had even caught the thieves on their security cameras. They just walk right up, take a quick look around, grab the box or boxes, and go!

This isn’t a new trend, just popular right now because of all the cyber shopping going on and people like you and me sending gifts to family members.  About five years ago, my husband and I were living in Portland and my sister-in-law was coming for the holidays along with other family members. She decided to ship her gifts ahead of time so she didn’t have to lug them on a plane in her luggage. Well, they were verified as being delivered, but we never saw them. Apparently, some Grinch grabbed the box from our front porch while we were at work. My poor sister-in-law felt bad, we felt bad. From then on, we had all deliveries go to our work places.
My theory is that particular neighborhood was a prime target. The houses were close together and front yards very small which made the view to the front porch very visible from the street. I figured someone could easily drive by lots of houses in a short amount of time and see if packages were sitting by the front door all from the comfort of a warm car.
Don’t be lured into thinking you can ask UPS or Fed Ex to put your boxes behind a bush or an envelope under the doormat (which they will do) so it’s not visible and therefore safe. Many of these Grinches drive behind the delivery trucks to see exactly which houses they are going to, then walk right up to the doors to snatch the goods.
Ask a neighbor to help out, have packages delivered to your work or pick up at a delivery center. Also, I understand FedEx offers nighttime delivery or a designated delivery day or delivery by appointment. Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas!
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