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Pesky Carpet Stains

Pesky Carpet Stains

Do you have carpet? Do you have light colored carpet? AND do you have pets?They often don’t go well together. My main issue is really with the cat more than the dog. My dog has had so few accidents, they aren’t worth mentioning. Well, except that time she ate two large chocolate truffles, but I’m thinking I don’t want to mention it.

You see, my cat has fairly long fur and she does what most cats do:  cleans and licks her fur quite often. Then the fur collects in her stomach only to reappear along with her food somewhere on the carpeted area of my home (never, of course, on the wood or tile floor). I believe the food manufacturers must also have financial interests in carpet stain removal products. Why, you ask?  Because of the food coloring they obviously put in the pet food that stains the carpet. Why else? Wouldn’t the ingredients of pet food turn out brown anyway? Is there a certain shade of brown that must be accomplished before a cat will eat this stuff?
Okay, so to the point of this story. Carpet stain removerFOLEX to the rescue. It’s easy to find at the grocery store and not particularly expensive. I’ve used it for years and it works pretty well. The key is you have to be patient! Stains, particularly the ones I’m dealing with a lot, do not come up with one spray. You really have to work at it. You also need to be gentle with the carpet so you don’t damage the fibers.
The Steps:
1.     Remove any solids with a paper towel.
2.     Spray a layer of cleaner over the stain.
3.     Using a clean cotton cloth (I use old washcloths or old hand towels cut in half) and blot up the liquid.
4.     Spray the stain again and gently rub with fingertips in different directions. Blot up liquid with cleaning cloth.
5.     Repeat Step 4 until stain is gone. You may need two or more dry cleaning cloths, depending on the size of the stain.
My experience has been that the sooner you find and tackle the stain, the easier it will come out. However, I’ve gotten out stains that have sat overnight or longer using this method. Be patient and keep repeating Step 4. This method may work well with other cleaners as well.
I love my pets and I REALLY love FOLEX!
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